Cybersecurity: Penetration testing

Penetration testing is a technique applied by white hat hackers to test the security of their infrastructure. With penetration testing, a white hat hacker will try to exploit all existing vulnerabilities with the goal of further optimizing and securing the infrastructure of the target. Hence, penetration testing is often done by organizations to get a better insight in their infrastructure vulnerabilities.

Different phases can be recognized when engaging in cybersecurity. In this article I specifically refer to white hat penetration tests. For more information on penetration testing I refer to TryHackMe which is a great resource for learning more on Cybersecurity techniques.

  1. Gather information on the target.
  2. Scan the target for any open ports or insecure applications.
  3. Exploit the vulnerabilities of the previous step.
  4. Expand from within once a vulnerability is exploited.

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