Speedreading tips

Below we have listed some generic tips you can easily apply to start reading books faster. Speedreading is getting more important to be able to absorb more knowledge in a shorter period of time.

1) Intent of reading the book. Why am I reading the book.

2) Eliminate distractions when reading. Turn it off.

3) Dont read all the words. Increase periphial vision. Read in between margins of page. Just see them, do not read them. You eliminate words.

4) Dont backtrack. Eliminate going back in the book. Use indexing with finger e.g. to keep going ahead.

5) Visualize the stuff you read.

6) Carry through the book. Longer reading sessions.

7) Take short breaks every hour.

8) Switch locations while you are reading the book.

9) Keep practicing.

10) Write down short summary of the book afterwards. Recap what you read. General idea of the book.